Hunk-arT was founded in 2007 by Dutch journalist Aldith Hunkar, known most notably as a former news anchor for Dutch national newscasters NOS News and NOS Children’s News.

As CEO of Hunk-arT for global freestyle multi-media journalism, she combines her talents, competences, taste for travel and passions.

More than twenty years of working as a presenter and (live) reporter for Dutch mainstream media, combined with her creative talent to improvise, have made Aldith an all-round presenter/reporter for radio, television, internet and stage. She also prides herself on being the first camjo (fully self-sufficient camera journalist) in the Netherlands and still uses her freestyle combination of interviewing and filming in many of her video productions.

Aldith’s clients value her for her high spirits, quick wit, language skills, flexibility and thorough preparations. Many have commented on her very personal touch that, they say, helped make their event or video memorable.


global freestyle multi-media journalism

Aldith Hunkar

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